Brides For Sale in Pakistan and USA

Every year all of us hear about 1000s of brides for sale in Afghanistan. In every war there are handful of legitimate brides available and many more which have been’sold’ or’mistaken’ into the hands of fraudulent agents. The facts about these girls that get unscrupulous males like moths? Why are they in such popular in war-torn areas of Afghanistan? And why is it that many of such women need to live in fear? These are a few of the questions that article tries to answer.

The first question to arise is: what is the cultural value of the bride-buying rituals in Afghanistan? The easy answer can be that these are some of the oldest customs of the Afghan society and as such have a hold over the various facets of the culture. What happens is the fact a young female here experiences the traditional marriage procedure and is delivered to her partner’s home where her family is given a great deal of money while dowry. It is said that this was done over hundred years previously and is still a normal practice. The dowry is pretty often certainly not paid in cash but also in kind — the bride’s family can be obtained a free house, a car, and also other gifts to encourage her to get married to.

And what about the brides for sale in Afghanistan? Very well, it seems like this tradition can be not declining down — rather, it is getting more strong. What is an individual hears in news reports, on the the airwaves, and through the people who have recently been contacted by the bride’s individuals? One hears of required marriage, kid marriage, and in many cases of a lot of girls who were married away at birth. In one word, the word all of us use to explain such females is trafficking.

This brings us to the subject matter of the music video. Just how is the brides for sale in Afghanistan produced attractive to american men? There have been many cases in past times where ladies who come from Afghanistan to the Us to marry end up being prostituted for men, or worse, staying exploited seeing that sex slaves. The first step to stopping this in Afghanistan is usually to end the forced marriage and kid marriage. Simply then definitely will we have the ability to stop the trafficking.

Yet that is not enough. Not only must the ethnic practices that encourage and tolerate the existence of real human trafficking in Afghanistan be ended; the government must also carry out everything practical to stop the promotion with this culture through weddings, plus the marketing of women like the brides to be for sale in in whatever way possible. To put this bluntly, if US citizens are likely to travel to Afghanistan to become brides, then they must be given an entire refund on the end of the marriage ceremony, just as they would frequently if the star of the event was trafficked. Otherwise, their particular sacrifice will probably be in vain.

So what will go on in those outlying areas of Afghanistan wherever most of the wedding brides for sale are from? Someone can only estimate, but it is safe to say the particular marriages are definitely not arranged by the bride’s family unit. The groom and the parents of the star of the event usually perform all the coordinating. Curiously, some of these marriages have been occurring for 10 years or more. And so maybe we should all start out asking the question, where are the brides accessible in afghanistan?