How To Use A Scorch Marker For Wood Burning Art

New furniture looks attractive and we all hope the beauty stays forever. That is why you should get yourself a good scratch pen. Typically, wood repair markers help you fill in the scratches, scuffs, nicks, and discoloration on furniture to restore to its new look. Oil-based paints are more vivid and tend to last longer.

markers for wood

You still need to do some blending and mixing of colors to get the color to match your furniture. Use the markers as a touch-up paint pen for furniture. The crayon is better in treating deeper gouges and nicks. These markers have a sharp chisel tip that makes it easier to get the tips in the deeper gouges to fill up the damages more naturally.

Alerie Acrylic Paint Pens

It’s not a set like some of the others in this list but just one pen. It comes in different color choices, so you can choose the one that matches your needs. The unique thing about this product is, it has over a hundred and fifty colors to match your projects. This factor makes it the right choice for your furniture repair.

  • To use on wood surfaces, the manufacturers often produce the fine tip with approx from 0.7mm to 1mm to create different brush strokes efficiently.
  • The product has an excellent flow, and therefore you can use it at any angle.
  • Without precaution and doctor’s suggestion, you are never advised to try stuff like this.
  • Therefore, I can bring those markers everywhere to find new ideas effortlessly.

It’s a good idea to have the best paint pens for wood in your art arsenal. You never know when you need this type of pen for different art activities like wood and rock painting. They surely come handy as well when designing canvas bags or ceramic mugs.

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I like that there are more color options with these pens. It also has pastel colors, which I love using on paper. The set only comes with 10 colors but the color options are pretty. If you prefer something lighter and borderline pastel, these would come handy. I think this is the best pen for writing on wooden plaques because of their special metallic colors.

Mohawk Finishing Products Wood Markers

You can also buy the most common colors that blend effortlessly to create a unique color that fits your furniture. These miller wood stain scratch pens will give you the best results for your furniture restoration. Despite the limited color choices, it is best for a specific type of wood. Unlike some wood stain markers, you can apply this wood pen to any wood surface, including floors.